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Vita Liberata Spray Tan – £27        Vita Liberata Spray Tan for Two – £49

We use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas for the most natural looking tan. 

Our products are hydrating, fast-drying and odorless. They have been created to feel like nothing on your skin and fade beautifully, just like a natural sun tan.



Vita Liberata is the world’s first completely tanning brand, with spray tan solutions free from parabens, perfume, alcohol, sulphates and all other chemicals of concern. Advanced Organic Technology (Advoganic) and natural skincare extracts are key to our formulas, offering more than just a tan treatment.



The Vita Liberata professional tanning collection offers a range of advanced organic, skin finishing and complexion enhancing treatments for you.From our natural looking, fast-drying spray tan solution to our at-home retail products, the Vita Liberata professional collection has been created to give the most natural tanning results.


We recommend carrying out a patch test 24 hours prior to applying any tanning product for the first time. Apply a small amount of the self tan behind the ear and leave for 24 hours. Although DHA allergies are extremely rare, if any contra-actions occur such as redness, swelling or itching, avoid using the self tan and seek medical advice if it continues. If no reaction occurs then it is fine to proceed with a full body application.


With Odour RemoveTM technology for zero smell, Moisture LockTM technology for 72 hour skin hydration, 80% certified organic ingredients and the world’s first completely non-toxic formulation, Vita Liberata is the most natural and skin caring tan available. It treats the skin while tanning it, promising a flawless fade with no scaling or patching.

Advanced Organics

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Rub in Tan
Jane Iredale Tantasia.
Self Tanner and Bronzer.
A moisturising, natural bronzer and self-tanner for face and body.

Pre-Spray tan tips
  • Remove unwanted hair from your body. Waxing or shaving 8 to 24 hours before the tan is important as the skin becomes prepared for the absorption of the tanning solution. The dead skin cells are removed from the upper layer of the skin, allowing the new and fresh skin to reap out.
  • Shower before your session. Avoid using body washes which are extra moisturising and opt for a gel-based body wash or bar soap. Don’t forget to also wash your body with exfoliating gloves or a soft washcloth and scrub your body.
  • An essential spray tan before and after step that is often overlooked is remembering to wear loose and dark clothes to your spray tanning session. Clothes often get stained after the tanning session so wear something that can be easily cleaned later. You should also wear loose shoes or flip flops.
  • Exfoliation plays a vital role in the tanning process. Exfoliating prior to the session will remove the dead skin and extend the life of your tan.
  • If you have an appointment for a manicure or pedicure, keep it before your spray tanning session.
  • Spray tanning before and after care also involves not wearing deodorant, lotions or perfumes both before and right after the spray tanning session. Deodorants tend to mix with the tanning solution and create unwanted results. In addition, makeup, perfumes and even jewelry will come in the way of the tanning solution and act as barriers for an even finish.
  • Do not apply a moisturiser or body butter before the tanning session. These create streaks in the tan as the solution slides off from the skin instead of being absorbed.
Post-Spray tan tips
  • Do not shower for at least 6 hours after the Vita Liberata spray tanning solution has been applied. This waiting period allows maximum tanning solution absorption for the skin.
  • After the waiting period has passed, shower in warm water (it should not be too hot) and use a light, gentle body wash. The bronzer will run out, and when the water is no longer brown, pat dry yourself with a towel.
  • Avoid activities that will make you sweat. This means no exercises, sports, dancing or jogging. You should also avoid the sun to prevent sweating. Sweating creates streaks in the tan.
  • Spray tan before and after care involves avoiding chlorinated swimming pools that easily react with the tanning solution and cause an uneven fade.
  • Moisturising the skin daily will help make the tan last longer, as well as help it to fade evenly.
  • Do not use lotions or creams on your skin which contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA’s) or Glycolic Acid as they tend to exfoliate the skin. Use a neutralizing pH body wash.
  • Once you have bathed after the tanning session at least 6 hours later only then should you use perfumes, deodorants and makeup.
  • Do not touch your body while your spray tan is drying off. This can leave finger prints on your body!

Vita Liberata Spray tan before and after care advice

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